Did anyone else have a bad day?


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Yes, my debit card got declined:(
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Edyes I got an F on my history paper and my boyfriend broke up with but then this hot guy asked me out then igot grounded then my mom told me I haad to get a shot in my...nvm then the guy broke up with me the next day I had to take aa spanish test I got AnF by the way I just back from detetion because I started a food fight.
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I have not had a good day in the past two years. So to talk about a good day would be like a history lesson.

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Umm yup i have a bad day everyday of my life i dont kno wht a good day is lol
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I feel sorry for you. I hope everything gets better for you.
Amie Thomas
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I hope so to it would help if the people that pretend to be my friends who stay out of my bussiness

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