I want to invite a guy FRIEND to my party but don't want him to get the wrong idea, should I invite another guy friend?


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You're over thinking this ... Just invite him to your bloody party... It's fine. Edit : this is a video edit just for yin ... It's small cos all the other words wouldn't fly on here) go get your pole yin :pppp

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Do you mean friendzone him by adding another friend to the equation? Lol. Just tell him how it is.

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I hate hurting people though 😔. I know it's for his own but..
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I understand. But I said this as their is usually no great special or better way around it. Usually in the end just saying it up front is the best for the most part...
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You don't want one guy to get the wrong idea ... So you want to invite another guy as well, and risk giving them both the wrong idea?

If he's really a friend, just invite him. 
Unless he is the only guy at the party - then don't.  Because I guarantee he will be uncomfortable as the only guy there.

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He isn't the only guy at the party, though the only person in my grade, and I am inviting 2 other guys rom a lower grade, and one of THOSE guys likes me too 😂. Could be worse though
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I mean if you have other guy friends why not? If you dont then invite them I mean they are your friend.

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