Have you gotten along with all of your partners family members?


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Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

Noooooo. Some of them are real jerks and I wouldn't even associate with them if they weren't "related".

dragonfly forty-six Profile

For the most part yes. When I married him, I married the family too. There is a member of his family who I can't stand, but out of respect for his wife and children, who I love dearly, I treat him with grudging respect.

Call me Z Profile
Call me Z answered

More than my own sorry relatives. I married above my station, and was graciously embraced into their family. 

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Cindy Lou answered

Yes I love my ex's family and they love me. They have always felt sorry for me having to endure him during and after marriage when we shared a child. They agree their sibling is not well in the head. His mother loved me and I loved her but she died a few years ago. I always made sure our child got to spend lots of holidays and vacations with them and they thanked me saying they knew how hard it must be for me not to have my child during Christmas. I really appreciated that.

Now my sister who died a few years ago...her husband...my brother-in-law...I always have had a hard time understanding him for the last 35 years and he really rubs me the wrong way. He has severe OCD (certifiable-lol) and it comes off as being selfish but he isn't being selfish, he just can't think any other way.  I just try and stay away from him best I can (I can feel my chest get tight just thinking about him)

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