Do you have the kind of family that can actually pull together to help another family member?


8 Answers

otis campbell Profile
otis campbell answered

No way one sister lies alot then my drug history then my other sister in dallas thinks she is better than everyone

Jann Nikka Profile
Jann Nikka answered

No. Never have and won't in my lifetime or while I'm alive. Not going to happen.

dragonfly forty-six Profile

Yes, I do. My husband's family and mine pull together for each other when needed.

Lard Ass Profile
Lard Ass answered

I have the kind of family that calls when they need exception, my dad....the rest, to call them family is being nice.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

Yes, in almost all cases. But I also have those family members who always seem to be in need of help and never do anything to help themselves. They have run out of their chance for help.

Michael Poland Profile
Michael Poland answered

The human family.

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