Do you correct people when they make mistakes?


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Yes, if its my name, on a government document and if its something very important. 

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Yes, if their mistake adversely affects my interests, risks common safety, or mocks general sanity. Otherwise no, live and let live.

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Tom  Jackson
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Useful breakdown.
Call me Z
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I'm not at all inclined to invite myself into other people's problems, as I see many others aren't either, but there are just times when "somebody's gotta SAY something!". I'm not afraid to be that guy. .
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People are suppose to be self-correcting when it comes to mistakes.

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Depends on who made the mistake and how big of a mistake it is. Say my mother-in-law mispronounces something, but I know what she is trying to say, no. I will let it slide. I was at the Lowe's the other day, and the cashier missed ringing up something. I knew it as soon as she said the total. She said the total was $13. The item she missed was $19. I of course said something, and had her ring up the missed item..

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Only if there's going to be a bad outcome. Most times it's better to let it pass. I remember one time when I was out cycling and this woman...

But, no, if I told that story I'd force Rooster to make a correction or two.

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Dear Roy Roy,

Almost never will I correct someone...and then only if they ask for my help.

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It depends both on the nature of the mistake and my relationship to the person making the mistake.

If you don't have a clue what you are talking about, but still put it out for public consumption; You are fair game---just like a politician.

Label the same as your personal opinion and you can say pretty much whatever you want, but I might comment that I disagree with you.

If you write something at too low a grade level and with poor grammar, unless I have to sign it as no more than a witness, I will probably request changes.

If you are a close friend or relative and I think you are embarrassing yourself, I will try to explain why I think so to you at another time.

I think you may notice a hierarchy for my potential actions.....

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when co workers made mistake such as putting the drink cartridges or bibs in wrong, I show her how to change the drink cartridges and bibs

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