I am OVERLY aware of my senses. If a sense is stimulated which doesn't need to be, I get angry and stressed. I get big energy surges and end up fiddling, pacing and hitting things. Life is loud and I can't avoid it. Any advice on dealing with it?


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Barb Cala answered

Yes .. See your doctor.  Asking unqualified strangers about health concerns is not a good idea.  You could get advice that might do you more harm than good.  You need to be examined by a professional to know what's going on.

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PJ Stein answered

See a doctor. It sounds like you may have a form of autism. A doctor can direct you to the right people to teach you coping skills.

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Tom Jackson answered

Hyperosmia is increased olfactory acuity.  Just so happens my wife has that.

A visit to your doctor would be a good place to start.  Your situation may be subject to ameloriation by various methods.

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