My love of my life is 67, I am aged 43. He is retired Military with a healthy military retirement check, his S.S check, and his job that he still works. I have a wonderful job that pays extremely well, legal marriage may cause financial issues for us?


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I don't think it shouldn't because his retirement is from his work. I am married to a retired soldier and should he pass before I do, I get half his monthly retirement, unless I remarry. Then I get nothing. I suggest you talk to a finacial advisor though and find out for sure.

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Thanks so much for this. We have deliberated on this much and have decided to just do a Commitment Ceremony for now, unless we find it financially best to legally marry. With my Head of Household status and his Tricare, it would all be a mess. Thank you again for your advice and we will consult with a financial advisor in the future.

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