Boyfriend is going to spend My birthday with his son :-(. Do I sound selfish ? And what could I do to not care about it?


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If your boyfriend made a commitment to spend that time with his son, then he needs to honor that commitment. It's natural to feel disappointment over this as you want him to be with you on your birthday. However, since I'm not sure when your birthday is, now that you know ahead of time that he won't be with you, plan something for the two of you to celebrate.

At least he told you in advance what was going on. Be thankful for that.

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Thanks for the advice My birthday is Saturday April 9. And thanks for the advice. I think I may plan a mini trip to the spa or a shopping and movie day .
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It's natural to be disappointed.  That said, knowing he has a child, you know he comes as a "package deal."  No matter how much he may care about you, his child has to come first.  Do you really want to be with a guy that doesn't put his child first?

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Thank you I know he comes as a package and I would not want a guy who doesn't put his child first. It was just shocking but I'm pretty sure I can find something else to do and let him spend that time with his son.
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Could you all go together? Make it a Birthday and Father- Son celebration.

Have a big cake for you and a small cake for them.

Also he could spend 8am 5pm with his son and 7pm till with you.

Or you could celebrate the next day.

There's nothing to be sad or selfish about. 

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