Best advice you have ever received?


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When I was in college and it was so hard---I attended a private engineering university and those people were SMART ---when I would get overwhelmed my dad would say, "Don't think about it, just DO IT."  (This was WAY before Nike commercials).

So now if I get overwhelmed,  I just think to myself,  "Don't think about it, just do it"  and it really does work. Sometimes we spend too much time "thinking ourselves out of a way to success".

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"When you don't know what to say, don't say anything."

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Treat Others the way You want to be treated.

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My dad's mom told my mom, and she in turn passed it on to me.

During big changes in your life (getting married, having a baby, etc.) people are going to give you unsolicited advice. Just listen to it. It makes them feel better and you do not have to take it. And occasionally someone will give you something that is really good advice.

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Over the decades I have received great advice from various people on different subjects. Some of my favorites also came from my dad. He once told me to look closely (without her knowing) at a "girl's" ankles. He said you could determine how the rest of her body was based on the ankles. Large, skinny, weak etc.  Also he said to really look at a girl's mother. The girl would resemble her mom in the future. The best was, "listen and gage the conversation before speaking".

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