Best compliment you have ever received?


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The best compliment I ever received was from the owners of a multi million dollar log home that I built for them. It's been 15 years since and I still get phone calls and holiday cards from them.

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"You can visit me anytime! Daddy doesn't need to come."

I realize that is a statement, but th implied compliment is my step-daughter enjoys spending time with me. We had a rough start, mainly from a misunderstanding. Once that was cleared up we have become great friends and enjoy spending time together.

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This really nice and well-liked girl at school once said that I was "way cuter" than this really popular guy. That was awesome lol. I couldn't stop smiling about it for the rest of the day. :D

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The best compliment I've received was at my son's high school graduation. This compliment came from my ex-husband who told me that I did a wonderful job raising our son.

Despite all our differences and despite the tragedy surrounding our marriage (death of a son), after all was said and done, the remaining son came out a wonderful young man. But for him to acknowledge that it was mostly me, it made me feel good.

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Jann Nikka
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Good job mom ;)
Danae Hitch
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Tiger, no harm done! To be truthful, I'm glad he did too! My son and I made a lot of sacrifices over the years, especially when my ex wasn't paying child support and my son knew it.

When we lost our son, he just really never recovered from that and really didn't work after his death. I understood why he wasn't working, but it didn't help pay the bills. So when he acknowledged that I did a good job - despite all the setbacks - and he did it in front of our son - it really helped us all to have closure on that awful time.
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Thankfully i;ve got very good compliments over the years and so many of them were so pleasing and surely an honor to receive them.

Years ago my soccer coach started to call me "Ricky" cause he really believed i have a unique way of playing and it's a close to Ricardo Kaka  somehow as well and since he's my idol and he knew it. It meant a world to me! I don't like to be compared but being compared to my idol is something else!

And well during high school, everyone wanted me for soccer, it was a very pleasant feeling, i remember for a competition and a cup run college guys wanted me to play for their team and i was just middle of the high school in compare of them i was much younger and kind of shorter. But that didn't stopped me, at first nobody took me serious (other teams) but after two game, everytime we walked on the field, i could hear they secretly  talking about me and marking me.

So many friends complimented about my eyes and one day one of my friends told me that she wishes that she could have my eyes! I was blushing to death!!! Haha!

So much more! I smile wide and get energized when i think about all these compliments that i received over my life! It makes me feel existed specially about my passions and activities that i do!

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What's up squid? (This was said by my friend Joshua. Said I looked like a squid). That didn't make my mood any happier. So I sent him off to the Locker.

"You're yanking my chain!" My other friend Alexander, who didn't believe that I was the Lord of the Locker.

"No, I'm not yanking your chain," I replied. (Seriously Alexander? The Lord of the 7 Seas, the Lord of the Locker does *NOT* have a friend named Alexander or Joshua).

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Zane Wilson
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Aye there mate! Who be said that? Tell me who that person is, and I will fully give him a piece of meh mind. Savvy?
Zane Wilson
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Are yeh there matey?
J-Mac Jones
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Hello, Zane, please stop. I will ask Rooster C. to delete your account if you do not leave me alone. Thank you!


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