The older you become the less tears you shed from pain . Is it the same for you? My sister died and i barely shed any tears i dont know. My heart has been stomped on too many times?


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When my grandmother passed away I hardly cried, if I cried at all. I was sort of on autopilot. Then about two months later somebody asked me something about growing a plant. I thought, "Nanny would know. I'll call her." It was after I had already picked up the phone and started dialing before it hit me. I stood there at work crying my eyes out.

Sometimes it just takes time to process all the emotions. You shouldn't force try to force them or expect anything from them. You will find your path in your time. You haven't had it easy and that makes it all more complex and will most likely take more time t sort out.

Other than not crying are you doing alright?

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So sorry.  There are no rules, standards or norms to mourning.  Gator's story is very touching and says it well.

Best healing and caring thoughts to you, my friend Otis.

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Hi Jan! I love your flowers. Have you heard this quote?
"Flowers are the music of the ground.
From earth's lips spoken without a sound."

They're nature's smile, reminding us of the beauty in this world.
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Hi Happy,
Beautiful flowers and poem. Thank you.
Jann Nikka
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What happen to the 💐
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Personally, it depends on my relation with the "person".  I wasn't distant from my dad, but I didn't cry when he died.  On the other hand, I still get choked up thinking of my dog who died over 10 years ago.

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Hi Otis.

It will happen when your mind and body needs to shed the stress of the memories and feelings, along with remembering the tender moments...which I am sure there were some. Just try and not worry about it and let it happen naturally.

Most likely,  it will happen one morning after you've dreamed about her. Your whole day may be affected that day and you can work things out within yourself then.

Right now, be kind to yourself and don't be hard on yourself . There really is a time for everything. Meanwhile, your friends who love you are here for you and you can come here anytime you need to. Hugs.

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Otis, I'm sorry for your lost.

My mother died I felt nothing. 30 years of her drama, had used up all tears.

My child died, I cried for years.

My grandson, I was not close with, I was avoid. Silently sad for others. No one asked or cared how I felt.

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Those ladies in the emoji are always you and I dancing
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Sin thank you. Love it 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
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I was close to this sister in my younger days but over the last twenty years. My other sister played her
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So sorry Oris.  I can only say this:  In my 63 years, I've taken a lot of blows. I think up until my early 40s I was a really pretty nice person.  Then somewhere along the way to about my mid 50s things, looking back, I can see that I slowly but surly was changing.  The end result it's that I'm now pretty much a super bitch!  Life has a way of effecting us.

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