Today is my sobriety birthday - 17yrs. Without all the members here, and the late Ask, I doubt I could make it. I want to thank everyone here - you made me laugh, cry, but you kept me sober. Thank You!


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Ancient Hippy answered

Congratulations Otis. One day at a time...and yours have added up to 17 years, that's quite an impressive milestone.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Good job Otis ! We're all proud of you ! Now when do I get my shine or has echooos been ripping it off again ?

Keep up the good work my friend.

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Skip Gentry answered

Otis, Congratulations! That is Amazing! You are a good man. Keep up the good work!

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Maurice Korvo answered

We are all here for you, but we did not keep you sober, YOU did it!!! And that is something to be proud of!! Keep up the battle and good luck to you.

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Jann Nikka answered


Mayberry's favorite son. Congratulations :) :) :) :)

Job well done.

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Ty Hibb answered

What an accomplishment. You certainly are in order for recognition for doing something that is so difficult to do. Thank you for sharing your experience, it no doubt will be encouraging for any that may be starting down the road to sobriety.

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PJ Stein answered

Congratulations Otis! Having family members who have struggled, I can appreciate your accomplishment.

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