For those who have adopted kids, is it impossible to adopt kids from other countries if I have ever had psychological counselling before?


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But at all.  I have two adopted kids.  Before we found out about this baby that has been our daughter for nearly 21 years I had gone through all the necessary work to be able to go to China (before they shut off allowing us to come there to adopt). They naturally check your background.  That doesn't mean you had to be perfect/ without flaws. 

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Cookie Roma
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We also adopted a baby boy who will be 23.
Moooaoa Jiaou
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Awesome! How long ago? I'm interested in adopting kids from middle east, but is there any great org that I can contact about adoption?
Cookie Roma
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Working with an adoption attorney we adopted my son at birth. We still have a relationship with his birth mother. We met our daughter when she was about 6 weeks old and worked through an adoption agency.

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