My husband has been arrested for domestic violence but says he can beat it by turning it on me, is this true?


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I'm going to tell you the truth ... It's ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE.

It all comes down to the lawyers, unfortunately.

I've seen too many cases where the husband gets the best lawyer money can buy - and the wife is stuck with a lesser lawyer - - and the husband's lawyer runs circles around the wife's, until the husband wins the case. 

That's why we now call it the "Legal System", instead of the "Justice System".

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No. The man goes to jail either way  I found out the hard way

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PJ Stein
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Not always. My father-in-law's wife went to jail. She claimed he was coming after her so she hit him with a frying pan. There was absolutely no evidence he did anything, and he was bleeding. She was forced to move out.
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No ... He can't 'beat' a charge of assault .. But, you do have to testify to your side of the story .. And in a case where one person's  testimony is different than another in terms of how the altercation happened, it would be one's word against another and the judge would decide who is telling the truth.  Evidence is collected that helps to lay weight on this type of testimony .. Photos, voice recordings etc are useful to help show who did what. 

Sounds to me as if he is simply grasping at straws and futher trying to intimidate you.  Stand your ground, and don't let him bully you into withdrawing your charges.  This sounds like a classic case of domestic abuse, because it's ALL about control .. And he's trying to gain control by making you doubt your chances of proving your case.

The court system is regretably all too familiar with a case such as this. It wouldn't be the first time a man who can commited this offence to try to lay blame on his victim in hopes of pleading innocence and that it was the victim who 'started it' ... however and having said that, it is also not unheard of for a woman to completely fake abuse, and file bogus charges.   If your story is legit, and you have solid proof of your abuse, you have a good chance in the truth coming out in your favor.

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It sounds as though he's very much afraid of what is going to happen to him.  He'll probably try to lie his way out of this.  If you have evidence of your injuries he's going to have a hard time making it look like your fault.

Get a restraining order on him so that he can't contact you in any way, you don't need to be discussing this with him.  Then consult a lawyer about getting out of this marriage if he's been physically abusive towards you once it will happen again he's a man who can't control his anger and trying to blame you is what abusers do. Saying it was your actions that made him behave the way he did is how these men rationalize their behavior. You deserve better than this, think of the rest of your life being beaten by the man whenever his temper gets the better of him.  He won't change either so get out now!

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Not true. He is trying to continue to abuse you psychologically. If he contacts you again with such nonsense, contact the DA's office. They can bring more charges against him.

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No.  Ask for an order of protection.  That will mean that your husband can't contact you and if he does, you can call the police immediately.  See a counselor to find out what you want to do with your life going forward.  It doesn't sound like a salvageable situation, so you should start looking at a divorce and figuring out where to live, etc.

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