My Father Has Pretty Bad Anger Problems... What's An Easy Way To Solve That?


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If he has a bad anger problem and you can't talk to him about it then try talking to your mom and maybe the two of you'll can get him to see a counselor. Bad anger problems can lead to other things and you don't want that. Maybe he has a lot on his mind and every little thing sets him off, I don't know. But whatever the case may be, try to get him some help.
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There really isn't an easy way to solve this. He needs counseling. That is the only sorta easy way to do this
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I am sorry your father has this problem and happy you are interested in helping him. Anger is a problem for a lot of us and sometimes we need help for doctors, counsellors or others to learn to overcome our problem.

I would suggest you talk with your mother and tell her how
your Dad's anger concerns you. If, you are not able to talk
with your mother, then talk with a counsellor at school or
some other adult you trust. Perhaps you can talk with an
aunt, uncle or grandparent who realizes your dad has a problem with anger who will be able to help.

It is important to talk with an adult who can help you and
help your dad to realize his anger is of concern to you. I
hope you will talk with someone who can help you and
your dad.
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There is no solution. Old dog new tricks etc. Plan ahead, remove as many reasons for anger you can. Build up your physical strength to withstand the blows uninjured. Keep your head down. Be patient. Promise to never ever imitate him.

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