What's an easy way to lose weight fast?


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Danae Hitch answered

If there was an easy way to lose weight fast, we wouldn't have any fat people around us.

The weight didn't magically appear overnight; so taking off extra weight will require dedication and commitment to your goals.

It will take exercise (brisk walking) and modifying your diet - drinking more water, cutting out soda, no junk food, eating more fruits and veggies. Good luck.

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Didge Doo answered

There are three ideas in your question that should never appear together. Weight loss, Easy, and Fast.

Anybody can lose weight but it takes determination, and if you fall for one of those fad diets that are supposed to rip it off quickly, you'll put it all back on just as quickly when you stop.

Now go and read Danae's and Alyssa's excellent answers again.

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Alyssa Bryan answered

Healthy weight loss is only 2-4 pounds per week. Anything over about 6 pounds can cause health problems and illnesses that you really do not want. The best way to lose weight is diet, excersize and LOTS OF PATIENCE. Nothing will happen right away.

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Jennie Smith answered

Just running hard, running into the water and swiming

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Karl Sagan answered

As for me, not only sports help to get rid of excess weight, but also proper nutrition and diet in general. Only the right diet will help you lose a couple of pounds, not water and bread. Try listening to this weight loss podcast . I think it will suit you well as it tells a lot about weight loss and proper nutrition. Really helpful information on how to lose weight.

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