What do you do if you went to the lake with a guy you like, and he told you "you have a camel toe"? I can't get it off my mind.


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Lard Ass answered

Nothing you can do about it now! Just buy some loose fitting jeans before next time....just sayin'

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I can see how that would be humiliating .. And I can empathize with you. It would be devistating to hear someone you like, make that sort of comment. Whether or not you actually did .. Is irrelevant.  It would be embarrassing .. Period.

The only way to combat that would be to not let it happen again. Get yourself a suit that fits better.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Tell him that if that's the way hes going to be and that you may have a camel toe (?) but he doesn't have you!!  Let it be after that as itll take him some time to figure it out

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PJ Stein answered

I would have turned red and been embarrassed and then gone to the ladies room and adjusted my suit, or would have put shorts on over my swimsuit.

Embarrassing things happen in life, but we learn and move on. Next time you buy a swimsuit don't just stand in the fitting room when you try it on. Move around. Bend over, squat down. Move as you would when wearing it after you buy it. I, too had to learn the hard way to do this. I bought a suit the would ride up in the back every time I did anything more than walk. Considering when I went to the beach, I rarely walked, but enjoyed playing Frisbee, skim boarding, body surfing. I spent the better of that summer pulling that suit back down where it belonged.

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