I feel like my brother isn't my full brother. My other brothers and I all look similar and act similarly, but my younger brother looks nothing like us and acts differently. How can I make sure of this?


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I come from a big family.  Some of us look like my Mom's side (one doesn't look like her, but does look like her great uncle) and some (me!) look like my Dad.  Some look like a blend.

Some of us are shy; some are great at school; some are alcoholics.

Don't think about this too much.  It would be a very insulting thing to ask your parents about.  He's your brother and that's it.

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I know it would be wrong to ask them, but it just bugs me. I know my mom suffered a miscarriage before she was pregnant with him, and I know my parents had trouble conceiving, so the thought of my mom maybe getting a donor scares me. I know it's really none of my business...but I feel like I should know if he's not
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There are five kids in my family. None of us look alike. All of us look like we're adopted when you stand us next to each other. Everyone commented on it when we were growing up. As we have gotten older, everyone can see a resemblance to either parent in us. You're making an assumption and want proof that he is indeed your brother.

Seriously. He's your brother. He's not a clone. He's an individual. Accept this and move on to something that's really important which is how you treat him.

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Unless your parents are the Lannister twins, you shouldn't worry about it.

Michael Jordan and his brother.

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My younger brother doesn't look like me, or act like me. In fact, He is a criminal drug addict and I'm not. He has caused my parents and I Major trauma over the past few years and I don't want anything to do with him.

It's been months since i lost saw him and I'm still psychologically damaged form him, i get nightmares all the time. (my parents have a no contact over and several charges against him but he breached his court order a few times so now he might be facing jail time, we will know in a few days, he's living in a watch type home where he's not allowed to leave under any circumstances unless a doctor's appointment or court)

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