My mom is an awful parent and person in general sometimes.... but I don't hate her?....


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First, Parenting does NOT come with  a Manual or directions how to be one , so most go it by the seat of their pants and it's is not an easy job so you can bet your Mom is doing the best she can.  Also whether bad or good she will always be your Mother so love her as such and if you think you can do better wait and you'll see one day

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I can guarantee you that you are headed down the wrong road here. Its the easiest road to go down and youre doing a good job of it. !5 hey? You are still a young kid with a whole lot to learn yet and you could never survive out here. Youre not impressing anyone out here by what you say you do and Prisons are full of people who at 15, thought the same way you do and that's probably where youre headed but youre right its your life so do as you please and good luck because youre definitely going to need it and I can guarantee your "beloved" wont stick around long with you
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And I know, cousin is a relative but.. He's not technically my relative anymore, but he was my cousin is what I meant.. That's why I call him beloved. He wad married into my family and easily taken out. No blood relation.
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I don't think my other comment posted, not sure. But I was super rude in I anyways. What you said pissed me off and you're dead wrong. I'm not stupid like the people you talked about, I'm not a kid, I can fend for myself, my mom is one of the people you're referring to as being dangerous. I sure as hell wont have you telling me that stuff. I never once said I wanted to impress anyone, I wont end up in prison, I make good choices. Staying with mom, is a bad one.
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Not sure what you are looking for because you really didn't ASK a question .. Just made a broad statement.

To add comment to that ... Your mother could very well be a 'bad' parent ... And that could be for many reasons. It could be because SHE, herself, didn't have a role model when SHE was young. She had no one to look to for guidance. Children often live by example.  If she had either a bad example or none at all, that could plausibly affect her own behaviour.

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It's normal, because she is your mom, I often quarrel with my mom, but I still love her

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