My brother hurts me, sometimes kicks, chokes and punches me right in front of my mom but all she says is "you're too loud get out"?


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You already have some good answers. If your mother doesn't do anything about your abuse, kick him in the crotch.....hard.

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So, talk to her about it .. When things are calm.  Tell her this is not just a matter of tusselling sibling rivallry .. Tell her that he is bullying you, and phyically abusing you. Bring it to her attention just how serious this is .. And it might help to point out .. She would NEVER allow any other person on this entire planet to do what he does to you.

Now .. Having said that .. I don't want to "blame the victim" .. But I too raised two kids that had their fair share of sibling rivalry .. Both often pushed their limits in terms of tormenting each other. Neither were 'always' the aggressor or the victim.  I don't know if you instigate these episodes, but, I would caution you about pushing your limits. 

Now .. Having said THAT ... I also would NEVER condone physical violence as a matter to 'settle' these disputes.

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