Are you in a relationship? With whom? And how you guys met?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Yep in a marriage with my wife for over 35 years now and met through "Great Expectations Video Dating Service" in Denver in 1979, and been together ever since... with 2 adult daughters and 1 awesome 10 year old grandson.

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Yes, his name is Jordan. We met at school. Lol We've been together for awhile. (3 years to be exact)

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Yes, Married my husband 18 years ago. I met him in a bar. I met some friends to watch Monday night football, and my husband was in there visiting his brother who was the manager. I caught him checking me out but he wouldn't approach me, so I walked up to him and introduced myself. He asked me out two days later and have been together ever since.

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Roy Lovett answered

No. I had a boyfriend but we aren't together. I do have a crush tho, on a girl... One of my best friends but she's younger than me and I'm sure, likes someone else.

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Yes me and my cat motormouth kitty runs the show here she gets all the good food sleeps all day and nite

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Yes with my spouse of 14 years, we met at the Scranton  (p.a. ) st.Patrick's day parade. I brought my beautiful husky  (she passed away recently ) & he asked to pet her. I wasn't interested in dating him at 1st but when he suggested we take my husky & his black Labrador to the park to run & play he won me over!  Both dogs have passed on & I'm longing for a canine companion, my house isn't a home without a dog. if anyone knows of any pups available in my area  (Scranton p.a. ) please let me know. I don't have a lot of money to spend but I definitely have a lot of love to give. Thanks

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Yes. 32 or 33 years.  We met the day after my 30th birthday at the bus terminal in a large Canadian city.  I was so hung over that everything hurt, including my hair.  He was in front of me in line waiting for the same bus.  I asked him to watch my backpack while I went inside for a bottle of juice.  I didn't really care if my stuff was stolen -- I was very thirsty.  We sat together.  He was a 25-year-old science geek.  Sweet.  He was shy too.  I asked him out because he was too shy to ask me out.  He became my House Boy. 

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