I have no friends at school, and I am not very social. I was wondering if there is a way to get a good voice in my head. Just a voice that I can talk to and have a nice conversation with?


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If I knew you at school we would probably be best friends.

I was in the same boat as you as I was on ADHD tablets and found it hard to fit in so I turned to xbox games (xbox live) with mics. And my ability to speak improved because I was talking to people who understand how it is to be at school and I felt I could talk to them without being judged or being known as a weird kid.

I'm not telling you to play games I'm trying to say find someone who you can talk to that isn't at school that if something bad happend you can stop talking to. And find someone else ( people find it easier to talk to someone with out being face to face)

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