I'm really looking forward to going to college in September because I really need a fresh start. I'm not really liked at my school, so I want to make new friends at college. What can I do to be more confident and likeable?


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Hi Taylor! College is a whole different world than high school. You will come in contact with many different people there, none of which have any misconceptions about you. Smile, be friendly, talk to people, help others when you can. Nice people will flock to you! You're an intelligent girl, at least from what I've seen of you here, high school....meh...look forward! Not at all the same! Good luck! :)

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I think you might just be nervous about not fitting in. A lot of schools have this stupid thing with hanging with the popular crowd. And because of that it can put pressure on a lot of students for wanting to try to be like them. 

We shouldn't wanna try to be like other people. If they won't except you for who you are that is their problem. Don't try to change cause of them. Just stay you and being you is the best that you can be ! Never change for other people.

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