Along time ago the year was 1998 and I had a crush on my Science teacher. I was 13 and he was 28. It was a crush so is that bad? And now I'm 29 so he would be like in his forties.


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Age is just number. It's how the maturity levels are. I am 46 and would date a girl in her late 20's to 33,  but then again both people need to be mature.

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Well since it was just a crush it isn't bad. It's actually pretty normal to have a crush on a teacher at some point in your life. Just as long as nothing had happened while you were still underage then there's nothing wrong.

If you are wondering about working things out now, then there shouldn't be an issue. Now that both of you are legal adults then I don't see a problem as long as the two of you are on the same page about this. What I mean by being on the same page, I mean that you both like each other in the same way, you are both ready for a relationship or whatever it is that you want, and you both are mentally on the same or similar levels.

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