I'm 14 and in 9th Grade, I only have 2 days where I have to have lunch at school and those 2 days my mom goes and gives me lunch and our house is a 15 minute drive from school! Is it normal for a teen my age?


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Yes it's normal, there are wives who give lunches to their grown adult male husbands. There are college people  who leave class/ school to meet up with mom and she gives them lunch. Never hear of it much, but sure it happens..I was going to this program and in my early 20's and my mom would meet up to give me lunch.

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That's quite strange. I've never actually heard of anything like that happening before. I just thought it was something they did in those over-the-top comedies... Sorry.

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It is certainly normal and a mother's natural instinct to want to look after her child, whether he/she is 14 or 40! It is an innate feeling that never really goes away.

If your mother is wanting to give you lunch instead of you eating regular school food, there could be a specific reason behind it that you are not yet privy to. For example, she may believe that the school lunches provided are not nutritional enough and do not properly stimulate your well being. This is quite a fair assessment to make since a lot of school lunches tend to be not quite up to par!

Alternatively, she must just want to ensure you are eating. A mother will naturally worry that her child may not be eating or may not have sufficient money to pay for her lunch, so she would rather be safe than sorry.

Don't feel embarrassed that your mother loves you and looks out for you, all mothers are the same!

I hope this helps.

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