I don't feel comfortable in my new relationship, we mostly only texted before he asked me out and when i spent the day with him, it just didnt feel right. What should I do?


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Kudos to you for your honesty.  Don't do ANYTHING!  If you don't feel comfortable, just get out and away from the person and don't look back.  Why waste a second of your precious life?  You don't owe this person anything.  Don't spend too much time explaining or "trying to be nice".    Things are either right or they are not.  That's okay.  Move on with a clear conscience and move fast.  Take care of yourself.  Honor your needs and wants.  They are important.  You are important.  Good luck and just move forward without a second glance. 

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If you feel as if you two didn't talk as much on your date and you feel like that is what its gonna be like all the time now then just tell him you don't wanna start off with dating right now maybe first start as friends.

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Gotta have that chemistry first meeting.  You'll know if the chemistry is there. Sounds to me like its probably best to go with your feelings and let him down in a text. Good luck.

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