I really like this boy in my class what can I do to make him say yes?


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Ben Grieco answered

if I were you I would take it slow, get to know each other first, and exchange numbers. Also I would hang out with him, if you start to notice him looking at you a lot and if he's nervous around you I would ask him if he likes you. By the way thanks for following me I'm new to blurtit. Finally can you answer my question please :)

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Amundsen Leung , Dear Questionarre, answered

If you are really attracted to him, see if he's attracted to you, if you wanna stay steady and slow with him, first, pass notes with him in class, and get to know each other, second, you can start noticing if he likes you, if he does, then you can pretty much go out with him, if he's steady, talk to him and get to know each other better, if he really likes you and you have been dating with him for 5 months or more, you can take your first kiss, and probably marry him.

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