Is it wrong that I'm planning to wear my girlfriend's mom's clothes while I'm house sitting for them?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I don't know about wrong, but it's awful strange. Why would you want to wear a woman's clothes? Do you plan on washing them also?

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Angela Anthony answered

Umm....Yeah, kinda nasty to wear someone else's clothes that you don't have permission to wear, want to wear women's clothes? Buy some! Js.

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David Shabazi answered

That's rather unorthodox, isn't it?

Yes, it's wrong. But hey, you have freedom. Do what you please.

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VIktors Lapsa answered

Why not, YOLO?? :D

But seriously, that's weird :D

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Eve Dallas
Eve Dallas commented
I can understand I wear my moms clothes & she wears my clothes & I'm 13
Andrew Lore
Andrew Lore commented
I spent almost the whole time in her clothes and it was wonderful! Nobody found out, either :)

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