Can someone give me so relationship advice on how to flirt better with a girl?


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Hello :) good question , of course there isnt a specific way to in order to flirt in the right way , you will see with different girls , different personalities , different ways of flirting . Okay so lets start off there can be a few common girl personalities , depending on the girl you like i cant really say how flirting will work on them because even if a girl may seem very loud and outspoken and has had lots of boyfriends she will like vry obvious flirting  . So just look at her response and take it from there , if the girl is obviously flirting with you eg. Compliments you , smiles at you alot , laughs at jokes that aint funny or like gives you casual touches eg. Hugs ( bear hugs dont really count) looks at your lips , checks you out , acts embarassed /blushes when you say something nice theres many signs she likes or i flirting with you . So my advice for you , i'm not going to  tell you how to flirt because everyone can flirt its just how we do it and how noticeable it is . So firstly maybe do something small like you  have nice eyes ( cliche much) or just a tiny compliment  , then tryto see if the girl responds well to it , if she replies in a manner like um thanks , thats weird ... Type thing or just not very interested or fazed by the comment she might not be interested in you as yet ,or  not impressed by your flirting or she cant even tell you are ,so don't be frustrated , girls arew hard to crack , i can tell you girls overthink or underthink at times ahah or is it just me , but last thing , make sure you dont make overly 'weird' comments like , your face is so cute i could watch it all day or some crap sorry that was bad .. So dont say anything as bad as that .. I dont know maybe some girls like that , i dont know  but make sure , respond casually , see how the girl responds if she is physically flirting with you , then just keep doing what you're doing just remember if you make a girl feel like a million bucks then yep thats going to get you the girl ...good luck man and hope i could help ... Sorry if i didnt .

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