Does breaking off all contact helps to move on?


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Depends on what you're moving on from. An ex? Friends? Last year during the summer, I broke contact with two friends I graduated middle school with because they never bothered to contact me or made an effort to be my 'friend.' I haven't made contact with them since then, and I personally feel that it has helped me move on. Why waste my energy on them when I can spend it on someone who does care?

I do admit that sometimes I did want to get back in touch, but then I remembered how little effort they gave and rejected the idea.

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Alizey Khan
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In my case , i am stuck with my ex boyfriend for the last two years. he's moved on but i am stuck. He broke up with me in 2012 and i was too weak to let him go , so i agreed to be his friend just to be with him because of addiction to him. I haven't moved on yet
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Hi Alizey. In your case, you don't necessarily have to move on if you feel like you can't, but if you want to move in the direction of letting him go, start first by slowly distancing yourself. You say you're stuck, which isn't good. Weakness was your beginning issue. Do you feel like you're still glued to your friendship with him? Do you still feel weak? If you do, I highly suggest distancing yourself from him then. Take your time though. Things like this aren't easy to conduct, but eventually are well worth it.
Alizey Khan
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yes , i am still addicted to him through friendship in the name of love. I feel weak to let him go , i have started distancing myself from him , but u know what he texted me two weeks ago and asked me if i am ignoring him i need to tell him clearly , i said no i'm not ignoring him , i was just busy and he got angry over me and now he has stopped texting me, he does reply to me if i text him (i did text him two times but he showed no interest to talk to me). He says he has nothing special to talk to me so that's y he is like and he doesn't let me go when ever i say Good bye to him and then he says he wants me , i am important for him , he cares for me blah blah but His ACTIONS contradict with his words. I am very depressed

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