I am a male transitioning to female, and I need panties. I wear size 32 jeans. At Victoria's Secret, what size would fit me the best?


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I am about a size 32 in jean sizes (female) and what I would suggest is to go into the store you want to buy your panties from, buy a pair of inexpensive underwear and try those on. Or just ask the store clerk.

The reason being is that you'll probably find that each store has slightly different sizes. I usually wear Victoria's Secret and they label there's buy generic size like S, M, L, XL etc...

As a size 32, I usually would go for a M unless I'm getting a thong maybe.

Also its worth checking out the website of the store you want to buy from.

For example H&M have a size guide that might help you "translate" the size of your waist into one of their garment sizes:

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I would guess a small, however most Victoria secrete stores will allow you to try them on and will last you in picking out ones you will like.

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