What Is The Of I Was Unconditionally And Irrevocably Inlove With Him?


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If you rephrase the question to being understandable in what you mean, I might be able to help you out here.
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The of is similar to the is, and the meanings of of and is can be irrevocably broad.

While we ponder those meanings unconditionally, but with remorse, of and is provides clarity in structure where none previously existed. I love of. Is. Do of is loves you too?
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Lol that sounds like a line from twilight. I don't know what you are asking but, what I think you r asking is what that means.
Unconditionally means :Without conditions or limitations
irrevocably: Impossible to retract or revoke
So in other words, she can't help but love him, she can't help herself. And no matter what she loves him for everything that he is, all his faults and what not. ... I hope that is what you were asking...
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Okay it means Bella loves Edward no matter what no matter what or who he is, she doesnt care!  Bella looks at him now not in the past no matter what happens she will always love him, read the books oh my god there awesome I'm mad because jacob who I love still is with nessie thats bull but oh well I will get over it

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