How can I get into a woman's Facebook account so I can check her private photos and messages? I need proof that this woman is my husband's lover?


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To be able to do that, you'll have to friend her. If the woman made her settings so then people can't see it, then I suggest you becoming friends with her on Facebook. But at the same time, if she is your husband's lover and knows that you're his wife, she may not accept you. Although it is good that you are doing some investigating on your own before declaring that your husband is a cheater, ultimately you'll have to confront your husband himself and/or the woman whether or not they're having a relationship behind her back.

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Coque Givah
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Don't do any of that stuff, as it's too unreliable/risky. Better to hire a private detective, if you can afford it. That way there's no connection to you and you're not doing anything false to introduce any unnatural dynamics into the relationship(s) involved. That way, if it's not really happening and you made a mistake, or something a bit different from how you visualised the cheating, then you can know - without anyone else but the detective knowing. Knowledge is power - use it wisely and justly.

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