How do I get a guy to rub my thigh?


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Seriously! No one is gonna answer? Just view the question....don't answer, it's ok!! -_-

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6 ways to get a guy to rub your thigh

  1. Rub his first. You need to give him a hint that that is what you want. Maybe starting the rubbing yourself will do the trick.
  2. Have a thigh gap. The coveted thigh gap is a sign that you have great thighs. Guys are more likely to rub great thighs.
  3. Flirt. You need to let him no it's ok to touch you in that way, otherwise he won't even dare to look at your thigh. Let him know subtly that you want his hands all over you.
  4. Wear something that reveals + shows off your thighs. Like a shop window, you need your best products to be on display.
  5. Drop it into conversation how much you like guys rubbing your thighs. Be cool and casual, but to be honest, guys won't have a clue about this desire of yours unless you make it pretty clear. So waiting for them to work it out is just not an option.
  6. Get a massage.
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Just ask him.

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