what can I do to test out if my guy friend likes me?????? some help would be GREATLY appreciated:)


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Amanda Layne Profile
Amanda Layne answered

Hang out with them, have fun with them, flirt a little, have a few drinks, maybe go out dancing with them and show off your moves, work your hot body.

Trust me, after  that - if they're interested, they will make a move!

The key is to get them in their comfort zone. Guys are always worrying about impressing each other and "acting cool" - but if you're all drinking and having fun I can tell you that whole "one thing leads to another" happens pretty quickly!

They try to act cool, but they soon loose their cool if you work it right. Also I'm not saying be too easy or whatever.. You still gotta play hard to get or you'll look desperate.

Good luck!

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Shandie Wilson answered
I think you need to have just been frank with them and tell them that you really like them as your friends,  that's all.

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