I like one of my neighbors and I want to propose to her, but I'm scared of her. So how do I propose?


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Proposing to someone is a pretty big deal , and as everyone does we fear rejection , and wanting to marry someone is a quite  big step , may I guess that you guys have been together for a lot , quite know her , you guys both seem to like/love each other ? , this is what you need to ask yourself , marriage is a big step and takes big commitment , I get where you're coming from , asking for her hand in marriage and in life , you want to make it a good setting and you're woman saying yes I will marry you type of thing , many woman are different , and they have probably thought of a romantic proposal from they lover , woman want a nice romantic background , but all woman are different they may think that it doesn't matter where the guy proposes to them , but some care , they don't want to have a man propose to them in a garbage area , you probably know that already , but take somewhere calm , nice , maybe where you guys met , maybe you want to propose to her privately, or in front of their family or friends , its you're decision but don't take it too hard if she says no or I will think about it . Marriage is a big decision good luck and I hope you win this lady :)

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