In a relationship, would you prefer to be the most intelligent in the couple or be with someone more intelligent than you?


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If I really liked the other person it wouldn't really matter, but I must admit that I'd prefer to be the smarter one, as long as the gap isn't too wide.

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Stan Smith answered

I was about to say that it didn't matter when it occurred to me that I'd have a tough time being in a relationship where I was a lot more intelligent than my partner.

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Lily Bradic answered

I've never actually considered this before! I don't really think it matters either way, though, providing you can have engaging conversations with each other.

It's a really hard thing to judge, too—as all relationships are different, it's hard to tell whether you're happier with someone because they're more (or less) intelligent than you are, or because of their personality.

Knowledge vs. Intelligence

I've been in relationships with people less intelligent than me, as well as with people more intelligent. I'm not really bothered either way. Everybody has different areas of expertise, and so if you can learn from each other and have interesting discussions, then it doesn't matter who has the highest IQ.

It's very unlikely that you'll ever be in a relationship where the other person knows less than you about everything, and vice versa. I once had a boyfriend who was completely clueless about everything I was interested in, but he knew far more about music and computer animation than I did. 

Everybody has different skills and different areas of knowledge, so it's actually pretty hard to say that any one person is more intelligent than another. 


Knowing more doesn't make you more intelligent—it just means you have more experience or practise in a certain field!

At the end of the day, it doesn't really bother me whether I'm more or less intelligent than my partner. There are far more important things in life than that!

As long as one person doesn't make the other feel inferior to them, or put them down, or make them feel stupid, then I don't think intelligence matters much in a relationship at all.

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