Reasons Why Kids Shouldn't Have Chores?


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Kids shouldn't have chores because they go to school and they need to get their homework done and sometimes is a lot of homework that they have.
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I think kids should have basic chores because when we get older we would know how to keep up the house stead of our parents doing it for use I do chores I have to clean the kitchen an the next day I have to clean the bathroom and every thing me and my brother take turns doing the chores  at one time we got paid 5$every 2 weeks but then it stop so now where working the house until this day and now were not getting paid and my mom is always giving speeches why we have chores and stuff like that
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Well I don't think they should unless they get paid for it     because when I was a kid I had a billion chores and I hated it until I got paid for it and I didn't mind
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So Mom and Dad work from morning till night, the kids come home after 6 hours of sitting in school and come home eat and sit on their rears till they sleep?.  You got to be kidding.
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I think it's sad for kids who do not have responsibility for a few basic chores.
Kids need chores to learn how to be responsible adults. How else will kids learn how to wash their laundry, sweep the floors, clean toilets, pay bills, shop for groceries, and all the other things adults need to know?
My nieces don't know how to do anything around the house and they are 15 and 17. How will they cope in the real world?
Of course, parents need to be careful how much and what kind of chores are assigned to kids, because you don't want to overwhelm them. But to expect a few basic jobs is common sense. We have three kids aged 5-14. They all do a few jobs around the house and we don't have trouble with it anymore. We've found this site to be especially helpful for our teenager: Http://www/

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