Do you believe that you have a twin? If you met your twin, what would you say to him or her?


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Dan Levington Profile
Dan Levington answered
If I had an identical twin and I met him I'd probably say ...."Hey dude lookin good my man, lookin GOOD" :-)))
Janey Profile
Janey answered
They say everybody has a twin or "doppelganger" that they meet eventually.But i've yet to meet mine and as i'm scary enough looking at the best of times, i wouldn't want to meet her.It would be a case of you've had the rest, now try the best lol.
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Forest Lone answered look familiar.....
Manana Anon Profile
Manana Anon answered

I have a twin so... :D

Nice Girl Profile
Nice Girl answered

I dont have a twin...if some day it dropped from the sky in front of my nose then I'd say..." wow you're just like me" ;P

Sara Bran Profile
Sara Bran answered
Copy Cat! (Thats all i can say if you have my hair my body and my eyes)
Sarah Johnson Profile
Sarah Johnson answered
Oh good grief!! That is a scary thought that the world has to live with more than one of me! I think if I was unfortunate enough to meet my twin I would have an overwhelming urge to apologize.
abby Profile
abby answered
I have met my "twin"! Her name is Julia and she's my class this year and last year. We're right next to each other alphabetically  and we have the exact same bday! ( I think)I'm thr older twin :)
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Ray Ottewell answered
I have met my very nearly double when I was 18yrs old, the only differance was I am dark haired he was blonde so he was dumber than me, but his features were identical, it was a bit freaky meeting him lol.
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Maxine Chan
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So what you say to him?
Ray Ottewell
Ray Ottewell commented
A girl I was going out with at the time introduced me to him, we both denied that we looked like eachother LOL.

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