Should you not have your pet blessed/baptized if you consider them a family member? Shouldn't they get the same chance you have to get into heaven also.


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They go to doggy heaven, where the rules to get in are different :P
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If you really consider them a family member and love them as much as you love your real family then if you want then it's your decision if you want your pet to be blessed and/or baptized. I personally don't believe that pets go to Heaven, but if you have a strong desire to have your pet the same opportunity as you, then go right ahead.
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Joy Thompson
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Well my version says: "And I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you lock on earth will be locked in Heaven, and whatever you open on earth will be opened in Heaven." It basically says the same thing, but is it talking directly about pets?
John commented
Well let's ask it this way what aniamls did God other words what anaimals did adam name and what animals did noah save at the command of God. Now taking a little lesson i have learned of the bible it speaks in foreshadowing of what is and will happen in the future ,so if God created the animals and then saved the animals would n't you think he will have animals on the new earth and in the new heavens. : ).just thinking out load. : )
Allabarra Lantern
Of course there will be animals in the new Earth, but not in heaven. The Bible (God's word) depicts that only a very special chosen 144,000 will enter the kingdom of heaven, to rule over Earth with Christ. The rest of us (if we make it through) will live on the new Earthly system under the new rule for 1000 years, till Satan is released once again.
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If you want to have them baptized or blessed than do it. Pets are family too. It would be sad if they were not in heaven.
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HMMM, good question. I beleive that ALL intelligent creatures go to Heaven when thier time is  up. So, I probably will see my 2 two doggies in Heaven when my time is up. I LOVED them so. I still miss them as much as I miss my parents.

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