If You Caught Your Partner Masterbating What Would You Do? Would You Be Mad? Why Or Why Not?


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It isn't that your partner would rather masturbate than have sex with you.....it's likely that his sex drive is very high.

How often are you having sex together?  Don't answer me....but answer to yourself.  It is possible that he would like to have sex more often.  Consider that.

A friend of mine recently went through this only to discover that her partner had a very high sex drive and when she decided to "give it" to him more often he didn't find the need to masturbate anymore.
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This is most definitely awkward.  I personally wouldn't mind if either my girl joined me or helped me with it, but not every guy would be like that.  You could ask him what he wants.  I really don't know.  I know I've had a girlfriend I had sex with and would masturbate with and over.  It all depends on the guy, just like everything a human does is.  I don't really think it should matter two years later, it could be that he was doing over you...something to possibly take into consideration.   Know most people think it to be perverse and distusting, but  many enjoy it.  You could get away with asking him outright, but he might be annoyed at the fact that you appear to be still holding on to it.
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This happened to me before. I must admit I was angry and felt that he would rather masturbate than have sex with me. I was readily available for sex and he chose to wait until I got into the shower before he pleasured himself. Personally, I find masturbating selfish. It is always easier to please oneself than a loved one. Control your urge and save it for your partner...
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That was the answer I been waiting for. I feel the same way you do and my b/f doesn't understand why women have such a problem with porn & masturbation. I told him to read your answer and said that's why. Thanks..I was beginning to think I was the only one who feels this way. Great answer!!
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No it's a natural thing,but can become habitual.
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You shouldn't get mad that's own him you shouldn't feel like that that's just something he chose to do at that time
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Personally, I would get turned on if I found my partner masturbating. I believe that masturbation is healthy. I am in a relationship of four year now, and my b/f knows that I enjoy masturbating during the day or when I am alone, and 9 times out of 10 I am thinking about him while pleasuring myself.
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This is something he needed, because obviously she isn't doing her job. Maybe if she was, he wouldn't. HAHAHAHAHAHHA ON YOU!
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That's kind of a low blow Tig...some people do only masturabte because their partner can't "keep up" with their sexual needs...even if it look slike they'r e"doing it" all the time. Some people just have an addiction or just too great a need.
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I think I would be upset if I caught her masturbating and saying out loud a name other than mine.
For guys that is a real touchy subject. Have you ever noticed if he has a problem with premature ejaculation? Masturbating before having intimacy helps this problem, & he'll be able to perform longer if he just recently ejaculated. But look at it this way- I can almost say with certainty that he is thinkig about you.... WHICH,.. Baby that makes you the hottest chick in his eyes? Why would you want a guy that not only did it with you pretty often, but also with someone else? You can't have everythiong in life,. So baby- if you have loyalty next to you, Don't try to modify. You might regret the change later on.
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Masturbation and sex are two completely different things.

In my past relationships, both my partner and i have found each others masturbation (or our acceptance of it) a strong suit in the relationship.  

Masturbation isn't a problem you should be concerned with, sexual stagnance or boredom is.  Those should be the issues to be addressed, if they are indeed an issue.  

It is more than likely that your boyfriend is perfectly happy with your relationship you have (both emotionally and sexually), but masturbation is not something that exemplifies boredom or lack of interest.  This is a problem for you to address with your partner, if it is a problem at all.
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I would want to join her and spice things up!!! I would be happy women s masturbation is a huge turn on. I would Jump in and help!!

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