Are You Crazy?


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I got my papers last month, so now I have a real reason for just screaming at people who bother me out in public whenever i want to, and I can hold up the papers to show them right afterward. Lmao roff
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Yes as a matter of fact I am and proud of it. I was in the wacky shack (well, the psych. Hospital) for one week several months after my husband died. And have been on lots of meds so here I am :O :Z :Q
I must be super crazy this ?? Appeared on my email 7 times!!!~~~!!
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Tasneem Mohammed
Tasneem Mohammed commented
If i were you i won't be that proud
martha commented
I am in NO way ashaned of being in the psych hospital. I did nothing wrong to get there, I was there for rest and medication. I had a nervous breakdown several months after my husband died, was told I would lose my home, and had several thousand dollars stolen from my bank account. I deserved a little time away. Having depression, anxiey, bipolar etc are not to be ashamed of, but need help just like someone with diabetes, cancer etc. They need medical help- not shame or ridicule.
martha commented
I am not acting "proud" as much as being silly here, but neither am I ashamed to say I was in the psych ward, for rest and meds- several months after my husband died. I had a breakdown due to his death and some stuff cruel people did to us after he died. Depression, anxiety, bipolar etc are diseases of the mind like diabetes or cancer are of the body. People with these need medical help, not shame and ridicule.
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Yaba Daba Doooooooo!
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I'm crazy as some, but not as crazy as some others. I always try to stay in the middle of the road! Fortunately, I have not been hit yet!
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Absolutely, Certifiably, and without any doubt, I am totally insane.
After all, I am out here on Blurtit answering this question. That should be proof enough, don't you think?
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Crazy in love no but what is exactly crazy doing things out of the ordinary or not acting accordingly i think that i may be a little crazy actually been to a mental inst. Once for taking lsd back when i was young and dumb and boy was i crazy lol now i take care of my grandchildren who's mom is out doing her thing some say im crazy for that but i am who i am and what i am call it what u wanna but most of the time i am happy. And in this world a little crazy helps sometimes,
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Funny you should ask,smile...I'm brilliantly crazy, watch yourself come to me slowly, I'm certified, bonified crazy and the military can back me on that statement so I have license to act according to any button you push, with that said the answer is yes good and crazy, thank you for asking....enjoy your day.....
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As a matter of fact, yes. How kind of you to ask. Have been for quite awhile now. Does it show?
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My adult sons say I'm nutty and my husband is constantly telling me to stop making "goony-goo-hoo" faces when he's trying to be serious. Yeppers, me tinks me a wittle cwazy!
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Well, I'll be darned. That would explain why I randomly scream and have weird thoughts going through my head all the time.
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Well i maybe to others
but others maybe to me so
really its what u think crazy is
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I will admit that i sometimes act weirdly, i mean weirdly when people stare at you and you blush and make up some lame excuse. Also weird as in, i wish i never did that!
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Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.  I'm crazy because I'm up at nearly 3 a.m. Answering this question.
I'm crazy because I simply cannot get enough of Dreyer's coconut popsicles, and so my husband bought me a beautiful shirt, new Sheryl Crow vegan produced jeans, and vegan "non-leather" jacket in order to bribe me to eat only  one box of 6 per day.  I'm crazy because I'd rather listen to Reggae music all day than watch the daytime crap on between the hours of 8 am to 6 pm. I'm crazy because I like to "look up" random stuff on the computer.  I'm crazy ( I MUST be) because all the little kids in the neighborhood come over and ask me if I can come out and play.  And the thing that really makes me crazy is the crazy people I love dearly as my friends.  Blessings to all of you.
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I am not crazy, a little unpredictable but not crazy. I am sane and that is a good thing.
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Yes, you are you will need to get help with the issue you have don't give up on your self?

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