Would People Describe You As A Happy Person?


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Michelle New Zealand Profile
I always try to make the best of everything.  I won't say that I'm happy all the time.  If you can show me anyone that are always happy and got no problems then that person can't be human.  I'm always friendly and always smiling even if I'm not always smiling on the inside.  People like to be around me.  They always ask me if there is ever anything that bothers me because I never complain about anything but I'm a very private person and like to solve me own problems even if it is very difficult.  So yes I am a happy person and people do like me.
troy johnston Profile
troy johnston answered
People think happy person most of the time but if i can not do something i am not a happy person
Chris ???? Profile
Chris ???? answered
I suppose not. My life has not been the way I would like it to be. There is little reason for me to display happiness for inconsistancies seem to rein prevalent in my life. I display felicity when it is called for. Nothing more.

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