How do you kiss a boy properly if you're 12?


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At 12 years old, you do not need to be in that type of relationship yet. My advice, and strong suggestion, is to wait a few years until you and your potential boyfriend have matured a little more, then you can start to think about dating and kissing. At this age, there will be so many different hormones running around and new feelings that it will be far to easy to mix up the difference between hormones and real love. Best of luck to you, my friend!

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You don't. You'll get cooties.

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I'am to 12, Even I am going to kiss my gf in this week. I say that, If she would kiss me on lips it will be great. Just go ahead be calm, look in his eyes for a while and then gently kiss him. He would be very Happy. Really !!! Tiffany I am older than her by 2 years, but its true love so it doest matter.
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Depends on how old that boy is. If he is your age, then be calm and go with the flow. Don't let it get to sloppy, start off gently kissing until you get the feel of it. Most of the time kissing comes natural. If the boy is older then you by some years, don't even do it!

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