Do you agree that a marriage without children is meaningless?


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Melissa Nana Profile
Melissa Nana answered
No, why would it? A marriage isn't necessarily about having children, it's a bond between a couple and some would say God, I guess. It's just taking your relationship to a huge next step, and not all couples want children, nothing wrong about that. But I know what you mean, usually a married couple either adopt or make their own baby. Or whatever way they might get a child.
honey pocahontis Profile
No I don't think it's meaningless, I think it's a good thing. You get to be into your mate and vice versa without any distractions, to really concentrate on yourselves having wonderful love, patience and tolerance to grow.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
No, not at all. Many marriages are without kids and they're just perfectly happy with that and kids don't always make a happy marriage either. Sometimes many couples can't have kids for whatever reason and that doesn't make their marriage any less meaningful than those with kids, so don't ever think this as you're dead wrong. To each couple their own decision.
Cheryle Masters Profile
Cheryle Masters answered
No.  I was not able to have children due to my health.  My marriage is definitely not meaningless.  I am a mother to cats.  Yes, that's right, I said cats.  They are a very important part of our family.  You may think I am off my bean, my choice, my life.

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