Whenever I Sleep In The Afternoon, (I Think) My Soul Travels. I Walk Out Of My Room And Then Suddenly I Am Back In Bed. It Seems That My Soul Is Walking Out Of The Room, But My Body Always Tries To Get My Soul Back. Is Ther Any Explanation Regarding This?


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I happen to believe that yes, your spirit can and does leave your body at times. Just try and be aware of it when it is happening so that you can pretty much control it. Also be in the state of mind that Jesus is with you. It is not necessarily a bad thing and you don't need to be afraid. You can actually go and visit other spirits (i.e., friends, relatives...living of course) while in this state, but it takes quite a bit of practice. Have you ever had a dream that you went to visit someone, and it was the most spectacular, joyous, happy, peaceful event and didn't want to leave? Did you notice your surroundings at the time? Sometimes dreams like this are not dreams but your spirit actually leaving and meeting with the other persons spirit. This has happened to me several times and I adore it. What a feeling!
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Thats why I don't like sleeping lo..this is some scary stuff to me..sometimes I wonder if I'm going to make it back.. Oh well thats life I guess. It's called time travel. It's wired..   Take care,
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It's wired??? Um do you mean weird? Or are you trying to say our dreams, or time travel, is wired, as in innate??? I'm so lost. Maybe I'm traveling through time right now.

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