I'm Not Religious But I Want A Church Wedding. Is This Possible?


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While it may be traditional, if neither you nor your partner are religious then there really is no sense in getting married within a church. You can still have a beautiful and memorable service in either a registry office or at a special location such as a zoo or a stately home. However, if you are adamant on getting married in a church you would have to have a chat with the vicar of the church you would like to get married in, and see if there are any conditions you would need to meet.

Some churches require you to attend classes every Sunday for a certain period of time before and after the ceremony. Others will simply refuse if you are not in any way religious. If your partner is religious you have a better chance of getting married within a church, but if neither of you are then you will find it almost impossible unless you agree to get baptised and become religious from that point on.

Overall it may be possible that you will not be able to get married within a church and in that case you should prepare to be disappointed. However, as mentioned earlier you can still have a great wedding in an outside location or even abroad. A wedding is about you and your partner becoming husband and wife and you really do not need a church to make your day perfect if you are not religious.
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This question was asked three years ago hope that you had your church wedding that you wanted there is nothing like the lords house to start such a beautiful commitment, but if you havent you very well can have a church wedding check out your local churches most priest or pastor are all to willing to bring about a blessed event.
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If you know a pastor that will marry you in their church, without you beening a member would be nice.

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