Why The Laws Have Banned The Interracial Marriages In The Country?


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In the year of 1967 in many countries different laws banner the interracial marriages among people who are belonging from the different races and cultures. The first three countries which started ban on the interracial marriages including are Germany, United States of America and South Africa. Many of these countries banned not only the interracial marriage but they also were threatening to the people on having sex between the different people of the country.

They have a fear of the clarity about the different races and white superiority. So for these reason they banned the marriages in their counties. The most famous ban was the Nazi ban in the Germany. According to the Nazi ban people are restricted to marry in the cross races and ethics. Many countries put punishments to the people who violate the laws and even given death punishments. Similarly in the South Africa many laws governing to the marriage had put bans on the marriages between white people and non-white people. Even the person is given punishments that have sex with the non white person.

In the United States of American many laws banned marriages between whites and blacks and between white and Asians. Such laws are called as the Miscegenation laws which are imposed on people.

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