How Can We Use Our Five Senses To Improve Our Nature?


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Well I look at it this way if for example you you covered your eyes up for a few days then you will know what its like to be a blind person. We should be grateful we have our sight.
If you were to take away our taste buds, then all food would be the same regardless of what we ate. We should appreciate the different flavours of the world. If for some reason we become paraplegic, wouldnt it be great if we could feel warmth and the sensual touch of our lovers.
Etc. Etc.
Just thinking about the loss of one of my five senses makes me feel greatful and thankful to my maker that I have all of them. So therefore it has improved my nature. I know that sometimes we take things for granted. And our five senses are some of them. We don't realise how lucky we are to have them. If we didnt have them we'd be in a lot of trouble.
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If you think positively about everything you're seeing around you..then your sense of sight will become sacred and of course your thought also. Similarly if you try to perceive everything and are able to distinguish it without seeing it, if you're happening to listen more than one sound simultaneously, try to concentrate on both of the sounds and analyse them in your brain in parallel. Thus if you try to put your senses in a supernatural usage condition they'll definitely help you not only in improving your nature but every aspect of your life.OK...all the best.

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