What Does A Groom Wear At A Wedding In Different Cultures?


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A groom's dress differs in various cultures though today in most cultures the traditional dress worn at the time of the wedding has been replaced by modern clothes like a suit.

In western culture the groom wears a tuxedo especially in the US, while in England the groom wears a morning dress commonly known as top hat and tails. In Scotland the groom generally wears a kilt the traditional Scottish dress which includes a coat and a garment that resembles a skirt. In Chinese culture both the groom and the bride wear red dresses which are considered to be an auspicious color.

Most grooms in South Asia wear a sherwani a garment that resembles a coat and extends to below the knees in Islamic weddings this attire is quite common. In traditional Indian culture the groom wears a kurta, a garment that resembles the sherwani and a dhoti a cloth that is draped around the legs however in modern weddings the groom more often than not wears a suit.

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